Our Mission

We're about realizing, and perpetuating the potential behind your brand.

In a tumultuous sea of ‘branding companies’, we strive to be the beacon of creativity.
There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach that we use. Working with Fortune 100 companies, or local startups, we enter every meeting with the primary focus of learning more about what makes you unique.

By focusing on your vision, process, and execution we enable all aspects of who you are to speak louder than your competitors. Our diverse skill sets allow us to strategize, streamline and empowering the realization of your potential. Telling a more comprehensive story of who you are is our competitive advantage!

Rather than transactional, we’re a relational company. Building a relationship takes time, so establishing realistic expectations and maintaining consistent communication guarantees success. Together we provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Do not be tossed by the waves of a mediocre strategy; instead pursue the beacon that energizes your brand. Contact us today, to realize the foundational elements of your successful story.

Our Talented Team

We have a large and varied combination of skill sets that sets us apart from the pack. Our experience is varied and to the naked eye it could seem odd why we would work together. Why would a technical expert with graphic design, public relations, and cyber security want to work with someone who has a financial background in investment and relationship management. Then, why would those two team up with someone who has toured with grammy award winning musicians, worked on feature film sets, and animated national tv commercials. One would think that the common thread between us is that we have all worked with some of the largest and most well known companies in the world. The real answer is simple. We realized that when we got into a room together something special happened. Solutions and ideas began to form out of thin air. We realized that we were actually more than the sum of our individual parts. When that happened Kinetic was born!

What We Do

We exist in the intersection between design and strategy.

Brand Strategy

Branding is greater than the sum of its parts. We make sure your mark, web presence, social impressions and collateral are all working together to solidify brand loyalty.

Compelling Applications

From web to mobile, applications are an integral part of every business whether for advertising or productivity. We not only create custom apps, we constantly strive to improve them to meet and exceed your goals.

Environmental Design

We’re passionate about thoughtful, interactive physical spaces that focus on users delightful engagement with your brand. We optimize productivity in open offices, maximize brand impact in marketing installations and realize breathtaking event design.

Rich Media

Content, Content, Content: its the name of the game. Photo, video, or animation, you don’t have to choose between quality or quantity. We can provide both within your budget.

[As] a gymnast at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and National finalist on American Ninja Warrior, I have been blessed to a part of several different productions…I not only received unparalleled production but had more fun shooting it than I thought possible.

Spencer Johnson
Emerge Academy

Being Relational vs Transactional

It all starts with the Why, How and What

The Why

Why are you even in business? Why is there a need for your brand? These are the questions we start with, that dictate how we build foundational elements for success.


The How

How are we going to execute our plan together? It's less about handing over a deliverable, and more of a focus on succeeding together.


The What

What all does success entail for you? Is it a physical product marketing, or digital application? In any case, we've found that following these simple steps have set our clients up for success.

Client Focus

Take a look at some of our respected clients

Scout Farming Application

The Problem The logistical difference between individual farming and big business farming is so vast, it’s daunting. With little to no technology …

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Emerge Academy

The Problem There are plenty of gyms out there and plenty of places that someone could go to “work out”, but what …

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Eternity Church

The Problem In this fast paced, social-media-age, attention spans are shorter than ever… even in church. No matter the size, churches everywhere …

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