What is the E-Commerce Accelerator?

The E-commerce Accelerator is a comprehensive examination of a businesses
current e-commerce experience with 3 specific goals in mind:

Eliminate hurdles

by surveying online sales trends and metrics.


Accelerate growth

by identifying marketing gaps and providing fresh eyes and breath to current strategies.


Maximize profit

through examining and optimizing operational efficiencies.

What do you get?

We dive deep into your businesses current digital presence looking at everything including:
Online presence
Social Media
Content Marketing
Paid Social and Search
SEO (search engine optimization)
Analytics (Google, Facebook, etc)
E-mail Marketing
Operational Efficiencies

At the end of 30 days, we deliver a detailed game plan to Accelerate your E-commerce business through the following 11 months!  We empower businesses to either ‘take the reigns’ and capitalize on our suggestions or help them realize their potential through our extensive service offerings.

Kinetic took our brick-and-mortar store with no online sales and built it into a complete online business. They’ve grown our top end 15% (YOY) in 12 months, which is crazy numbers.

Wholesale Coffee Retailer
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  • Address 124 Des Moines Ave, Des Moines
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